Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start my claim?

When you first contact us there is absolutely no obligation. We will listen to you and then advise you on how we think you should proceed. We will ask you for more information if we think it is relevant to your claim. If we don’t think that your claim will succeed, we will let you know.

Are you a firm of solicitors?

We are a claims management company. We will take the details of your claim and instruct one of our panel of specialist injury solicitors, based in Scotland.

What is No Win No Fee?

This is exactly what it says it is. If your claim is unsuccessful, you will not have to pay a penny.

If your claim is successful, the solicitor can charge you up to twenty percent of the amount recovered. This amount will vary depending on your claim. Your solicitor will be able to advise you of the exact percentage.

No win no fee does not apply to clinical / medical negligence claims.

Can I make a clinical / medical negligence claim?

Yes, you can, however No Win No Fee does not apply for these types of claims. Ask us for more information and we’ll be happy to help.

How much will Innocent Injury Claims charge me?

We won’t charge you anything.

How do you get paid?

Our panel of specialist solicitors pay us administration fees for identifying and setting up personal injury claims.

How much compensation will I receive?

It’s very hard to give an accurate figure when first setting up your claim. Our panel of specialist personal injury lawyers will be able to provide you with their expert opinion once they have more information regarding your injuries and how they affected your day-to-day activities.

How long before I receive my compensation?

Again, it’s difficult to put an exact time on how long it will take to settle your claim. It can take just a few months, although the more complicated and severe the injury, the longer it tends to take to reach a settlement.

What if I’m unsure if I have a claim?

Don’t worry if you’re unsure whether you’re entitled to compensation following an injury. Our claims handlers can advise you on how likely your case is to succeed. This first chat with us is free and carries absolutely no obligation.

What if I decide that I don’t want to go ahead with my claim?

The first chat that you have with us is free and there is no obligation. Once you decide to go ahead with your claim our panel of solicitors will work on a NO WIN NO FEE basis. The solicitors will incur costs while working on your case. In the extremely rare occasion that you unreasonably don’t continue with your claim, against the solicitor’s advice, the solicitors reserve the right to seek their costs from you.

Is there a time limit for making a claim?

Usually claims for injury have to be submitted within 3 years from the date that you were injured. There are exceptions to this rule for people who were injured when they were children or who lack the mental capacity to handle their own legal affairs. If you are unsure, please ask us.

How long do I have to claim on behalf of somebody who died?

Usually, you will have to submit your claim within 3 years from the date of their death.

Can you help me with out of pocket expenses or lost income or physiotherapy costs?

You should keep hold of any invoices or receipts. Our panel of specialist solicitors will be able to advise you on this.

Can you help with repairs to my damaged vehicle?

Our sister company Innocent Driver can help you with repairs to your vehicle and can provide you with a replacement vehicle while yours is being repaired. Ask our claims handlers for more details when you speak to us. You can visit the Innocent Driver website here.

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